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         Latest route of the proposed NYC pipeline feed, 2010        Route of the proposed pipeline in 2009       Proposed pipeline route in 2005

Over the years the route of the proposed pipeline, courtesy of the THR

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·         Orange County Legislature meeting July 1, 2004 –

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Presentation by Ralph Caruso

·        Photo News July 16, 2004

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Ralph Caruso

·         Orange County Post Newspaper June 29, 2004

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"Oppose Pipeline" Frank Fornario
County Legislator 5th district

 Water, Sewer and Other Issues

     The City begins connecting the Brooklyn and Queens water tunnels 600 feet underground, the most expensive Capital project to date in the City’s history. Tunnel No. 3, slated for completion in 2020, will bring in a billion gallons of water a water.           


Orange County Sewer District No. 1 Extension Public Hearing Related Documents
Amended FEIS Jan. 2010 (pdf - 831 Kbytes)
O.C. LAW Responses to Questions from Public Hearing 7-2-10 (pdf - 60 Kbytes)
Attachment #1 of Responses to 7-2-10 Public Hearing (pdf - 162 Kbytes)
Attachment #2 of Responses to 7-2-10 Public Hearing (PDF - 323 Kbytes)
Attachment #3 of Responses to 7-2-10 Public Hearing (PDF - 654 Kbytes)


Welcome to the Citizens for the Preservation Of Woodbury Website.

Ralph Caruso, Chairman
P.O. Box 211

Central Valley, NY 10917
 June 29, 2009

 My name is Ralph Caruso.
I am the Chairman of Citizens for the Preservation of Woodbury. We are a civic group of residents that work to Foster the Quality of Life in Woodbury, to preserve its Character, and Natural Environment. 
We are appalled that the governmental officials of Kiryas Joel are placing the burden of this 13 mile water pipeline and the devastation its construction brings to many Orange County residents including us here in Woodbury. 
Kiryas Joel’s governmental officials want this water pipeline and have no known plan on what to do with the treatment of the out flow water.
Kiryas Joel’s governmental officials first requested a 24 inch water pipe that I believe has a capacity of 7,700 GPM.
Now they changed the request to an 18 inch water pipe which I believe has a capacity of 4,000 GPM, representing a 51 percent Decemberrease. It’s interesting that at the same time the population has significantly increased since the original request, and will continue to do so. Once an approval for the 18 inch water pipe is received, we will find that they will be installing a 24 inch or larger water pipe. This water pipeline will feed Kiryas Joel’s community water system and its population growth from within its borders. It will also be used for the relocation of people into Kiryas Joel increasing the population even further.
This water pipe will make Kiryas Joel a subsidiary of New York City, at the expense of Orange County taxpayers.
Kiryas Joel’s governmental officials do not follow rules or live up to agreements.
History has shown they have not, just read the many newspaper articles.
This community has been identified as our Nations fastest growing and poorest community.
This water pipeline will significantly increase the population in Kiryas Joel and increase the cost of social services welfare benefits paid to Kiryas Joel residents by other Orange County Taxpayers.|
We are pleased that County Executive Edward Diana and the Orange County Legislature’s Rules Committee have approved a Lawsuit to protect Orange County. We support this legal action.


Cornwall lays KJ pipeline issue at feet of freshman Rep. John Hall
Saturday, Februaryruary 23, 2008

By Margaret Menge -- Rep. John Hall spent almost two hours at Town Hall in Cornwall this afternoon, talking about the president's budget and fielding questions about the proposed pipeline through Cornwall to Kiryas Joel.

Peter X. Neuman first raised the issue of KJ, saying upfront that he voted for Hall and supports him, and is "well aware" of the congressman's vote take in the Village of Kiryas Joel in November of 2006 (KJ leaders swung 2900 votes to Hall just days before the election), but that he is concerned about the proposed pipeline. Hall replied, saying he didn't vote on authorization for money for the pipeline. "My interest in representing this district is to treat everyone the same," he said.

The Local raised the issue again at the end of the Q & A period, saying that since the full House voted on the Water Resources bill that contained authorization for the pipeline, didn't the Congressman vote for it. Hall replied that he did, but that to vote against the bill would have meant voting against everything contained in it.

Following up, the Local asked whether Hall would or would not support a pipeline starting in New Windsor and cutting through Cornwall to Kiryas Joel. "When I have all the information on that I'll make a Decemberision," said Hall. "A far as a federal request for money on that, I haven't seen it."

Hall said that Congress had authorized, but not appropriated $5 million for the pipeline, and that he was not sure when the money might be appropriated. He also said that he thought that the pipeline issue was being litigated and that his understanding was that there was a right-of-way through Cornwall that would allow KJ to build the pipeline through here without acquiring more land.

A number of residents then spoke up on the issue, all of them in opposition to the pipeline. The first was Chuck Hurley who lives on Shore Drive at Beaver Dam Lake, who told the Congressman that he considers himself a "bleeding heart liberal" and complained that "every time someone says something about Kiryas Joel you're antisemitic." He told Hall that he has a private well and is worried about it drying up once KJ starts tapping the wells they own here. "The river's 432 feet below me," he said. "Am I going to have to tap into that water?" "Why does everything have to be so extreme,..." he said. "Why does it have to be you're with these people or against these people? ... The reality is 'Don't start giving away my water.'"

Liz Hellwege, who lives in Cornwall-on-Hudson and works in Monroe, told the Congressman that she is Jewish but that she doesn't understand why the rules seem to be different for residents of Kiryas Joel. "I don't understand why they've been entitled to grow the way they do..." she said.

Hall seemed to listen with interest as each person spoke, responding to Ms. Hellwege by saying that he represents "everyone in the 19th district equally," and that he told this to KJ both before and after the election. He said also that he recently explained at the town hall meeting in Woodbury why he'd secured $521,000 for a radio communication system for KJ -- because they were the only ones who'd put in a request.

Mayor Joe Gross stood then, and started by thanking the Congressman and his staff for being responsive to his concerns, but saying that he hasn't had the same responsiveness from Senator Clinton, who has still not answered his request for information about an appropriation for the pipeline. "I'm deeply troubled by the disconnect between the village and our senator,..." he said. "We especially prize the setting and the natural geography that we have here and we're not looking to let it disappear."

Hall broke up the Q & A session shortly after and a number of people stuck around to shake hands with him and to get information from his staff. "I think he got the message," said Barbara Gosda after the event, talking about the pipeline issue. Others said they thought his answers were cautious, though they understood why, and understood that this was a difficult issue for the new congressman.


BREAKING -- Saturday, Februaryruary 23, 2008   7:30 p.m.

Hall tells Cornwall he's not sure whether he'd support KJ pipeline









By Margaret Menge -- "When I have all the information on that I'll make a Decemberision," said Rep. John Hall, when asked this afternoon at Town Hall whether he supports a water pipeline running through Cornwall, to Kiryas Joel. Authorization for $5 million for the pipeline was contained in the Water Resources Act, which was approved by both the House and the Senate and signed into law by the president last year.