Public Hearing

May 25, 2010

Presentation By: Ralph Caruso

OCSD#1 Extension to Camp LaGuardia


       County should not be in the business of land development.


       County should not be trying to cease control of home rule by guaranteeing any developer anything that is a town or village authority and responsibility, such as zoning.


       County should not be giving away 280 thousand gallons day of sewer capacity of OCSD#1, without conferring with the towns and villages that are the OCSD#1.


       County should not be looking to extend the OCSD#1 under questionable circumstances and sewer capacity uncertainty.


       When a contractor looks to purchase property it is a business venture, it is not the responsibility of the County to guarantee services and a profit most likely at the expense of the Orange County Taxpayer.


       Although you may not be from southeastern Orange County, put yourself in the shoes of those that are, and ask yourself, how would I feel if I lived in southeastern Orange County?


       Donít be fooled again with this sewer district extension as you were with the OCSD#1 AFEIS voted on this year 2010