We have to protect Cornwall from unscrupulous builders.



Dear Friends and neighbors,

I regret to inform you that our Moodna Stream, our school district and Cornwall water are in danger of being overwhelmed by a strategic development plan, formulated by developers and a group of Woodbury residents at the expense of the Cornwall School District taxpayers and residents. A flood of 600 new students is possible, from the new Legacy Ridge development alone, and will require new schools, financed not by the builders, but on the backs of Cornwall district taxpayers.

The public should know that members of the Village Board of Woodbury did knowingly adopt an incomplete and flawed EIS (Environmental Impact Statement). this is in violation of the SEQRA law with prior and full knowledge that 'certified letters sent to the Board following the December 11, 2007 public meeting were being lost by the United States Postal Service, as a result of false and incorrect Lead Agency Contact information contained in the EIS provided by the Legacy Ridge project sponsor for public use at the Highland Mills public library. Our elected officials must know that Legacy Ridge is the CROWN JEWEL responsible for building the water line infrastructure required, not only" for Legacy Ridge but also necessary for the development of adjoining' properties! Curiously some of these properties have already cleared the SEQRA process, Lacking a reliable water source! It seems .that

  the Legacy Ridge SEQRA process is just window dressing.     .


With all the development taking place around and within Cornwall, this is a time-that will test the knowledge, the fire and the steel of our elected officials, (Town, Village and BOE) as they carry our their chosen duties to protect Cornwall’s economical and -natural resources from unscrupulous builders.


It is time for our elected leaders to carefully review our legal options. I am sure they are already on top of this situation.


United we have successfully defended our area from this happening and unrea­sonable risks from Woodbury in the past  United we will not fail to do so again, for the World does not end at Woodbury's borders. We ask that our neighbors to the south perform a Cumulative Damage Assessment study for the Moodna Stream to protect Cornwall from harm.



Anthony Incanno