Tuesday, April 8, 2008  

Village of Woodbury passes local laws for Legacy Ridge

Woodbury's board says: Positives outweigh negatives....
SOCA Activist Woodbury's Jonathan Swiller says: Cornwall's attitude is causing friction....
Cornwall's BOE president Bredan Coyne says: Can't have it both ways....
Cornwall resident Anthony Incanno says: We'll see you in court
! ...R
eferring to planned Article 78 challenge.

Tonight  the Village of Woodbury passed two local laws tonight to allow Legacy Ridge to build a maximum of 313 four-bedroom homes on the parcel of land south of Trout Brook Road, in between Route 32 and Smith Clove Road in the Cornwall Central School District.

"You have given us, Cornwall, taxation without representation," said Tony Incanno to the Village Board, in the public comment period that followed the vote. Jonathan Swiller, a Woodbury resident and Legacy Ridge supporter, stepped to the microphone and told the Village Board that the problem with the Cornwall school district is its name -- that it only wants to educate Cornwall kids and treats those from Woodbury and New Windsor who are in the school district as "interlopers" or "foreigners sneaking over a fence."
Brendan Coyne,  countered Swiller, saying the Cornwall Central School District is in the business of "educating all students."

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