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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Is Smart Growth?

Smart Growth: A Toolkit for REALTORS®

Q: What are the Smart Growth talking points?

A: We don’t just sell homes – we build communities....

Q: What Is Cluster Development?

A: Cluster Development is

Q: What is the Garbage Pickup Schedule?

A: Click here for a PDF chart.

Q: Where can I find reference material related to Towns and Villages?

A: Here is a PDF booklet from the NYS Department of State

    Cluster development is a technique that allows flexibility in the design and subdivision of land (General City Law section 37; Town Law section 278; Village Law section 7-738).
By clustering a new subdivision, certain community planning objectives can be achieved. The use of cluster development can greatly enhance a municipality’s ability to maintain its traditional physical character while at the same time providing (and encouraging) new development. It also allows a municipality to achieve planning goals that may call for protection of open space, scenic views, agricultural lands, woodlands and other open landscapes, and may limit encroachment of development in, and adjacent to, environmentally sensitive areas. Cluster development is also attractive to developers
because it can result in reduced development expenses relating to roadways, sewer lines, and other infrastructure, as well as lower costs to maintain that infrastructure.
    When it is used according to the enabling statutes, cluster development is a variation of conventional subdivision plat approval. Cluster development concentrates the overall maximum density allowed on property onto the most appropriate portion of the property. The maximum number of units allowed on the parcel must be no greater than that which would be allowed under a conventional subdivision layout for the same parcel.

Source: Dept. of NY State, Local Government Handbook, 5th ed., 2008, p. 150.

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