Taken from the Town of Woodbury Preservation Kit
 July 2006


NYS Village Law Article 2-200-(1). A territory containing a population of at least five hundred persons who are regular  inhabitants thereof,  as hereinafter defined, may be incorporated as a village under this chapter provided such territory does not include a part of a city or village and further provided the limits of such territory...........
No other villages can be created within the new Village, the above law prevents any other village or multiple villages from being created in the Town and Village of Woodbury which keeps  zoning laws in the hands of our elected officials.


Taken from the Town of Woodbury Preservation Kit
 July 2006

1.      QUESTION: After the Village of Woodbury is created, can land be annexed simply because another village wants it?
ANSWER: NO, General Municipal Law article 17, details the process which is not simple in the least, it includes the following;
1. A request in the form of a petition, signed by more than 50 % of the assessment of land owners, or 20 % of the residents of the area to be annexed, must be submitted to both town's or village's simultaneously.
2. Both boards must then set a hearing on the petition, to receive comments and information. For an annexation to move along in the process, both the town's or village's boards must vote to accept the petition. If one of town's or village's boards votes not to approve the annexation, then the only alternative for signers of the petition would be to take it to court.
3. If both town's and village's boards were to approve the annexation petition, a vote by the residents living in the area must take place, where a majority of the residents in the area must vote to approve it, for it to actually occur.
Annexation is not a simple transfer of property from one municipality to another, as some would have you believe. It must be justified and carry creditable proof, why one town or village needs the land more than the other town or village. If one side wants to fight annexation....

2.      QUESTION: What will be the cost of our Village of Woodbury, to us taxpayers?
ANSWER: The total proposed annual budget in Sept. 2004 was $146,559. Adjusting for cost of living increases, the present cost will be $153,979 as the proposed annual budget. This will cost each homeowner in taxes $28 per $100,000 of assessed valuation. A home assessed at $300,000 will pay $28 x 3 equaling $84 per year total. Add or deduct $28 for each $100,000 of assessed valuation to reflect your total annual cost. In any event the average should be $100 per home per year.
(Cost of the Village)

3.      QUESTION: When the Village of Woodbury is created, will there be any changes to the fire district?
ANSWER: NO CHANGES, town law article 11-a authorizes a town board and a village board to form a joint fire district that will operate under town law article 11, which is the same law that the fire district operates under right now. The fire district will continue to have elected commissioners, who are responsible for all operations and budgeting.

4.      QUESTION: After the Village of Woodbury is created, can other villages be created inside our village boundary lines?
NYS Village Law Article 2-200-(1). is clear, no villages can be created or formed inside of another village. This is a solid law with no loopholes.

5.      QUESTION: If the Town of Woodbury does not create a single Village of Woodbury now, that covers all lands in the Town of Woodbury, can other groups create many other smaller villages in the Town of Woodbury?
ANSWER: YES, if we donít vote to approve the village now, by law we cannot try again for at least one year to create a village, and by that time other groups will file village creation petitions. Once that happens we canít create a village within the villages that will be created.
THR article Sunday, July 11, 2004

6.      QUESTION: When the Village of Woodbury is created, what will the impact be to the services we presently receive?
ANSWER: NONE, all the residents of the Village of Woodbury will still remain residents of the Town of Woodbury. The village will contract to the town for $1 a year for each service and all our residents will continue to receive the current town services, and benefits that are enjoyed today, without any change or additional expense.
(Agreement Between the Town and Village as to Service Sharing Services)

QUESTION: After the Village of Woodbury is created, how many Village elected and appointed positions will there be?
ANSWER: The law requires 7 positions, one elected mayor (part time), four elected trustees (part time), one village clerk (appointed), one village treasurer (appointed) (part time), both the treasurer and clerk positions can be combined into one position called, the village clerk/treasurer, (part time).

8.      QUESTION: After the Village of Woodbury is created, whom will I be able to vote for?
ANSWER: Creating one Village of Woodbury that covers the entire Town of Woodbury, will allow all registered voters in the village and the town to vote for both Town of Woodbury elected positions and the Village of Woodbury elected positions. You will decide who gets elected to both Village and Town Boards.

9.      QUESTION: After the Village of Woodbury is created, will the zoning regulations change as compared to the present Town of Woodbury zoning regulations?
ANSWER: NO, the intent of the proposed village is to secure our present zoning and not to change it. Preventing multiple villages from being created will prevent changes in zoning, which is in the best interest of our residents. To protect the zoning we now have we must approve the Village of Woodbury. All services will remain the same.

10.  QUESTION: I presently receive star school tax exception will that change?
ANSWER: NO, you will continue to receive all the present benefits from the star program you now receive. This program is a New York State school tax reduction program.

11.  QUESTION: I presently receive a senior citizens property tax reduction will that change?
ANSWER: NO, all benefits will not change, and you will continue to receive what you receive now.

12.  QUESTION: If other smaller villages are created inside the Town of Woodbury, can I vote for their elected positions and can they vote for the Town of Woodbury positions?
ANSWER: Only if you live in that smaller village can you vote for their Village positions. However, residents of the smaller villages can vote for our town elected positions, such as in the Town of Monroe where there are three villages that vote for town elected positions.

13.  QUESTION: If we donít create one single village, and many smaller villages are created inside the Town of Woodbury, what do we have to be concerned about?
ANSWER: Multi villages will most likely create their own services and employ their own personnel. This will decrease the need for town services and most likely increase the cost of services to the remaining town residents.

14.  QUESTION: I am an employee of the town, will I lose my job?
ANSWER: NO, the Village of Woodbury will have no employees, and contract for $1.00 a year for each of the services with the Town of Woodbury.

15.  QUESTION: I am a member of one of the fire companies, will the fire companies remain?
ANSWER: YES, the two fire companies are independently incorporated and operate under the authority of the fire chiefs and members.

16.  QUESTION: Will the town emergency services or the emergency services personnel, be changed or eliminated?
ANSWER: NO, the Woodbury Ambulance Corp and Fire Companies are each independently incorporated and as such govern and choose their own volunteers and operations. The Police Department will also stay the same and be contracted by the village for all services at $1 a year.

17.  QUESTION: Who will benefit by having one single village covering the entire Town of Woodbury?
ANSWER: All the residents, the employees of the Town, all the Volunteer Fire and Ambulance members, because itís a single village, we will continue to use the existing services and personnel.

18.  QUESTION: Will the new Village of Woodbury have or need a large building, new or used for its administration?
ANSWER: NO, there is no need for the village to build or obtain a building for administration. In the proposed village budget there is a line item of $2,000 a month toward rent for office space. Arrangements for the once a month village board meeting can be made for the use of the town hall. Keep in mind, all of the services will be contracted with the town who will continue to administer all operations.

19.  QUESTION: If a Village of Woodbury is created will I remain a resident of the Town of Woodbury?
ANSWER: YES, because the Village of Woodbury will cover all the lands of the Town of Woodbury. 
Residents will remain residents of the Town of Woodbury and also be residents of the Village of Woodbury.