We have heard complaints from some residents that think that we paying taxes to the Village without receiving any additional services for our money.As original explained at the top of the page, the main reason that the village was created was to make sure that Woodbury residents have control over the zoning laws in Woodbury.
Secondly, the Village board, that was voted into office by Woodbury voters, ran on the Community Party line and said that everything would remain the same. The article below says just that, but the original elected village board choose to take over town services that they did not have too, zoning being one of them. Then they changed 2 zoning laws.
That could account for the additional taxes that we are paying. But what also should be taken into account is that our town taxes have been reduced slightly because the village took over some town services. Town taxes have been reduced by approximately $150.00 for the 2008 tax year.  Also take into account that budgets never go down unless something major is eliminated.
The Village tax would have been less if the Village Board would have done what they originally said they were going to do, which was to keep things exactly the way they were.

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Thursday, September 28, 2006

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