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Watercycle Glossary of Terms - Oberk
Thanks to Ms. Fuentes & Kimberly, Julianna, Sam, and Mira for submitting this link.

Good Morning, I wanted to send some positive feedback- I was teaching an environmental science lesson to some elementary students the other day, and when they were doing a webquest about water & the water cycle they ended up on your Woodbury Conservation webpage (this page here ) They thought I should tell you we were using it and found some great information so thanks =) They also decided it would be nice of us to return the favor, so I had them pick out a good water page for us to share with you! "Water Cycle Glossary of Terms" -
It's great for kids - we used it to make water cycle flash cards to learn the vocab, so they thought it'd be a helpful link for you to add to the other great water resources on your conservation page they found... would you be able to? They'd be so proud and I'd love to show them their suggestion =)
I could show them this afternoon at our remote meeting! Thanks so much again and stay safe!!
Sincerely, Ms. Fuentes & Kimberly, Julianna, Sam, and Mira



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