Citizens for the Preservation of Woodbury

Ralph Caruso, Chairman

P.O. Box 211

Central Valley, NY 10917


                                                                                                            February 13, 2010

To the Editor

Coalition to fight the pipeline

In response to the Times Herald Record article February 12, 2010, “Woodbury role may be moot if sewer, water suits settled”.

Conniving a deal with KJ to settle a law suit over the Water Pipeline is selling out the people of Woodbury, Blooming Grove and Monroe, the three communities most directly affected by the population explosion, not to mention the increased county tax burden the additional KJ residents bring as they apply for Social Services Programs.

In 2004 and 2005 there were various groups, individuals and elected officials who publicly organized to fight the Pipeline, at the time it was routed down Rt. 94 in Blooming Grove. Now they’re nowhere to be found, the silence is deafening, and I question why?

  Woodbury has three legislators who are supposed to protect us. One we know we can’t depend on because he’s owned by the KJ leadership. One is new, who we hope we can depend on, the last has been there for many years, previously touting opposition to any detrimental effects of KJ on Woodbury.

This past Town of Woodbury election, the democratic candidates wrote in their literature they are “Leading the fight against the KJ pipeline” where are they now?

Our organization, “Citizens for the Preservation of Woodbury” has and continues to adamantly oppose the pipeline.

We say to all elected officials, groups, individuals and organizations that we stand ready to unite with you to form a coalition to fight the pipeline. Contact us and let’s get going now!

To review many news articles printed about the pipeline, visit our Web-Site at, where they are posted.

Ralph Caruso
Citizens for the Preservation of Woodbury