NYS Village Law Article 2-200-(1).

  2-200 Population and area requirements.

1. A territory containing a  population of at least five hundred persons who are regular  inhabitants  thereof,  as hereinafter defined, may be
    incorporated as a village under  this chapter provided such territory does not include a part of  a  city  or village and further provided the limits of  such       territory:
    a. do not contain more than five square miles; or
    b.  are coterminous with the entire boundaries of a school, fire, fire  protection, fire alarm, town special or town improvement district; or
    c. are coterminous with parts of  the  boundaries  of  more  than  one  school,  fire,  fire  protection,  fire  alarm,  town  special  or  town
  improvement district, all of which  are  wholly  contained  within  such  limits and within one town; or
    d. are coterminous with the entire boundaries of a town.

    2.  The words "regular inhabitants" as used herein and for the purpose of this article shall include all  persons  residing  in  the  territory
  proposed  to  be incorporated except such persons who themselves, or who are persons under the age of eighteen years residing with  persons  who,
  maintain  a  residence  outside  such  territory  which is used as their address for purposes of voting.