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“Citizens for the Preservation of Woodbury” is mounting a petition drive to move the Village of Woodbury Elections voting day. All signatures gathered will be presented to the Village of Woodbury Mayor and Board of Trustees to place a Proposition on the Ballot this June 2014 to Change the Village of Woodbury Village Elections from June to November each year. Presently, there are Woodbury residents and organization members circulating petitions, gathering signatures of Village of Woodbury voters, to meet requirements needed for such a vote by the people of Woodbury. 

The petition includes the following;  

To the Mayor and Board of Trustees of this Village of Woodbury, County of Orange, State of New York.

We the undersigned, Village of Woodbury duly qualified electors, respectfully petition the Village of Woodbury, Village Mayor and Board of Trustees to place a proposition on this June 2014 Village General Election ballot, for approval or rejection as provided by New York State Village law Article 9 and New York State Election law Article 15 and any other applicable laws, to conduct the Village of Woodbury General Elections in each November General Election for the election of the Mayor and Trustees, and not in the Month of June each year.

Elections have previously been held in March then moved to June thinking it would be more favorable and increase voter turnout. Subsequent elections were held, and voter turnout in June of 2012 was 161 voters, a 2.6% registered voter participation which was a decreased from the 367 voters 5.8% voter participation in March of 2011, and in the June of 2013 election the voter turned out was 280 electors, a 4.3% registered voter participation, a serious voter turnout deficient, when electing the people who determine our community’s zoning, and spending of our collected tax dollars. The average voter turnout for the last three Village of Woodbury elections is only 236 voters, 3.6%.  On January 10, 2013 a formal request was made to the Village of Woodbury’s Mayor and Board of Trustees to pass a Board motion to move the election from June to November. February 28, 2013 the Village Mayor and Board of Trustees voted not to move the election from June to the November General Election.

The people of Woodbury want to decide if Village Elections are held in June or November, and want the opportunity to vote yes or no this June 2014 Village General Election, as the law provides.

We believe moving our Village Elections to the November General Elections will enfranchise our over 6,500 registered voters in the Village of Woodbury to vote, thus giving future elections results a more representative government.

We further believe consolidating Village Elections into the November General Elections will make our elections more convenient for our village voters, and also present a cost savings to the village taxpayers, by eliminating the expense of a separate Election Day for Village Elections.

We acknowledge and make reference to other villages in the State of New York that already have their elections held on the November General Election day. They include but are not limited to the villages of; Chester, Sloatsburg, Ardsley, Dobbs Ferry, Mamaroneck, Mt. Kisco, Suffern, and Haverstraw to identify a few. 

Our organization, “Citizens for the Preservation of Woodbury”, was established in 2005, and is made up of people from throughout Woodbury. Our mission is to foster Quality of Community Life in Woodbury, through participation and disseminating information, working to preserve the character of Woodbury and its natural environment, continuing the semi-rural and suburban balance, ease traffic congestion, limit and abate noise and air pollution, along with supporting Woodbury’s historic, cultural and architectural integrity, and protecting resident services and utilities resources. 

For additional information e-mail: preservationofwoodbury@yahoo.com, if you would care to speak with someone, or would like to take part in the signature gathering process, you can call me at 845-928-2059. 

We thank you in advance for your consideration.
Ralph Caruso, Chairman, Citizens for the Preservation of Woodbury.

Copy of the petition if you would like to help collect signatures from registered voters living in the Village of Woodbury.

If you would like to help or donate to the C.F.T.P.O.W., e-mail us.
Thank you residents of Woodbury.


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